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CeBIT 2017: CISPA Exhibits 7 Selected Research Projects

April 5, 2017

CISPA presented a selection of their research projects at this year’s CeBIT. Due to the continuing growth of the Saarbruecken Center for IT-Security, the projects

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Strong media reaction after spying doll “Cayla” has been forbidden due to privacy concerns raised by S. Hessel (CISPA)

March 1, 2017

Stefan Hessel, a student of CISPA researcher Prof. Sorge, has expressed legal concerns on the children’s doll “My friend Cayla” in his article (in German)

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CISPA’s Parliamentary Evening in Berlin

February 20, 2017

On February 13, 2017, CISPA organized a Parliamentary Evening on “Autonomous Systems” in Berlin. More than 150 people accepted CISPA’s invitation to “Landesvertretung des Saarlandes”.

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Events & Distinguished Lectures

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Central Services

Two central non-research projects add central coordination and infrastructure to the collaborative research center.

Integrated Research Training Group

Andreas Zeller

The Integrated Research Training Group offers high-quality doctoral training, thus guaranteeing and increasing the long-term attractiveness of Saarbrücken computer science for outstanding junior academics from both Germany and abroad.
The main focus of our qualification concept is to support the doctoral researchers in their development into independent scientists.
In particular, we teach doctoral researchers how to plan, conduct, and evaluate research projects, including the publication and presentation of scientific results.
The goal is that the doctoral researchers will be able to critically assess their work, communicate science, and interact with others in the scientific community.

Information Infrastructure

Jens Dittrich

Most projects of this CRC need to handle considerable amounts of data, perform experiments with that data, build models and software artifacts, and eventually produce experimental results.
Handling these very diverse, possibly large datasets and models is a challenge in itself.
Considerable synergies exist among the different projects in terms of data and information management.
Therefore, to avoid that each subproject (re-)invents its own data management solution, we provide a unified platform for data and information management.