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CeBIT 2017: CISPA Exhibits 7 Selected Research Projects

April 5, 2017

CISPA presented a selection of their research projects at this year’s CeBIT. Due to the continuing growth of the Saarbruecken Center for IT-Security, the projects

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Strong media reaction after spying doll “Cayla” has been forbidden due to privacy concerns raised by S. Hessel (CISPA)

March 1, 2017

Stefan Hessel, a student of CISPA researcher Prof. Sorge, has expressed legal concerns on the children’s doll “My friend Cayla” in his article (in German)

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CISPA’s Parliamentary Evening in Berlin

February 20, 2017

On February 13, 2017, CISPA organized a Parliamentary Evening on “Autonomous Systems” in Berlin. More than 150 people accepted CISPA’s invitation to “Landesvertretung des Saarlandes”.

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Events & Distinguished Lectures

Distinguished Lectures (Archive)

Group A: Understanding Privacy

Projects of group A will investigate the analysis of (leaks of) privacy-sensitive information in highly dynamic, heterogeneous settings, assessing the detrimental privacy impact incurred by user profiling and data dissemination. The central goal of this project group is to identify (potential) privacy threats, thus enabling users to take informed decisions and avoid privacy threats where possible.

Group B: Controlling Privacy

The projects in this group will investigate the comprehensive enforcement of the growing user privacy demands given the dynamics of present-day digital habitats in the Internet, as well as novel privacy-enhancing techniques for emerging technologies. The central goal of this project group is to provide improved privacy while preserving functionality to the extent possible.

Central Tasks

These two groups of research projects are complemented by a group that encompasses service-type projects for the whole CRC 1223: Infrastructure Support , and an Integrated Research Training Group for doctoral researchers, as well as a central management unit to coordinate central tasks of the collaborative research center.

Task Forces

There are three research themes – data models, privacy notions, and usability – that are orthogonal to the project groups and involve large subsets of projects. To facilitate and organize the necessary coordination, we will address these themes through an organizational structure within the CRC 1223, in the form of three task forces, fostering exchange and collaboration among the participating projects.