Project MGK

Integrated Research Training Group

Principal Investigators / MGK Coordinator

Andreas Zeller

E9 1 2.07
66123 Saarbrücken

+49 681 302 70971
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Project Summary

The Integrated Research Training Group offers high-quality doctoral training, thus guaranteeing and increasing the long-term attractiveness of Saarbrucken computer science for outstanding junior academics from both Germany and abroad. The main focus of our qualification concept is to support the doctoral researchers in their development into independent scientists. In particular, we teach doctoral researchers how to plan, conduct, and evaluate research projects, including the publication and presentation of scientific results. The goal is that the doctoral researchers will be able to critically assess their work, communicate science, and interact with others in the scientific community.

The Integrated Research Training Group is designed to build upon and complement existing structures for doctoral education at the participating institutions of CRC 1223. Most notably it is part of the Saarbrucken Graduate School of Computer Science which encompasses all computer science PhD students, their advisors, and their coordination in Saarbrucken. It cooperates with the International Max Planck Research School for Computer Science (IMPRS-CS) which is an additional program for doctoral students at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems; and with the GradUS Graduate Center at Saarland University which provides services and support to doctoral students in all fields. The Integrated Research Training Group complements these generic structures with contents and support that are specific to the topic and needs of the CRC 1223. The Integrated Research Training Group serves as a means of guaranteeing and fostering tight integration of our joint research activities across its principal investigators and institutions. It stimulates internationalization by enabling research stays of the doctoral researchers at institutions abroad, and by attracting international scholars as visiting scientists and doctoral researchers from abroad. The structural organization of courses and formal requirements is aligned with the Saarbrucken Graduate School of Computer Science and complies with the formal regulations for doctoral training at Saarland University.

The main elements aligning with existing structures are the following:

  • Progress Monitoring, through regular reports and annual review meetings of all doctoral students by all faculty.
  • A study program with offerings (courses, seminars, lectures series) not only by members of the CRC 1223 but also by all researchers at the involved institutions.
  • Research immersion labs : Before their dissertation phase, each graduate student will conduct two research projects with two PIs of CRC 1223, getting acquainted with the respective working area, and formalizing the matchmaking process between doctoral students and advisors.
  • Doctoral privatissima are in-depth, small courses intended especially for students pursuing a doctorate, available to a handful of students at once so that meetings could conceivably take place in the PI’s office.
  • Key qualifications : We offer complementary courses that teach key qualifications and interdisciplinary topics.

The main new elements added by the Integrated Research Training Group are:

  • Research Seminars on current research topics in the CRC, to be taken during the dissertation phase.
  • Lecture Series , each winter term, by invited external speakers on topics of interest to the CRC.
  • Retreats : Annual 2-day meetings (doctoral researchers’ retreat) organized by the doctoral researchers.
  • Doctoral workshops organized independently by doctoral researchers.
  • Research stays of each doctoral researcher at research institutions abroad for a few months for internationalization, networking, building connections to high-profile researchers worldwide, and extending their research horizon.
  • Visiting scientists : Connection to the visiting scientists program of the CRC 1223 to attract high-caliber researchers to come for short or long stays, working as guest scientists with the doctoral researchers or giving invited talks.

The Integrated Research Training Group has an internal organization that clearly specifies responsibilities and roles of the different stakeholders. The Integrated Research Training Group is overseen and represented by the MGK Coordinator, who is also part of the Graduate School Committee; whereas the MGK Manager conducts the regular affairs and is responsible for the administration.

Open Positions

This project is looking for a manager with a doctorate degree in computer science or a related field. Please apply for this position by sending a letter of intent, together with your short CV to the coordinator of this project.