Project B7

Privacy-Preserving Digital Capture

Principal Investigators

Peter Druschel

E1 5 435
66123 Saarbrücken

+49 681 9303 9100
+49 681 9303 9199
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Bernt Schiele

E1 4 601
66123 Saarbrücken

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Senior Researchers

Rijurekha Sen

E1 4
66123 Saarbrücken

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+49 681 9303 9199

PhD Students

Paarijaat Aditya

E1 5 410
66123 Saarbrücken

+49 681 9303 9122
+49 681 9303 9199

Project Summary

The recording capabilities of smart phones and wearable devices pose a serious threat to the privacy of bystanders who are recorded inadvertently without their consent. It would be impractical for bystanders to voice their preferences to anyone wearing a potential recording device, and equally impractical to impose restrictions on the use of such devises in all relevant areas (airports, bars, …). We envision a technical solution in which recording devices receive the privacy preferences of nearby users, and enforce these preferences by obfuscating the subjects in question in the recorded media. We will develop suitable signatures for identifying users in recorded media, strive for accuracy through combining multiple (cross-modal) sources, and strive for energy efficiency by relying on cloud services. We will investigate suitable user privacy policy specifications, context sensing methods relevant to such policies, and methods for obfuscating subjects prior to releasing the media to applications. To not endanger the privacy of bystanders in the process, we will employ homomorphic encryption methods and secure function evaluation on encrypted signatures, and protect against cloud providers as well as unintended information flow by relying on methods developed in the preceding projects.

Role Within the Collaborative Research Center


Open Positions

In the context of this project we are looking for two qualified PhD students with a track record in topics relevant to the project. If you are interested please send a letter of intent together with your short CV to the PIs of the project.