CISPA Researchers publish 6 papers at CCS 2017

6 papers by CISPA researchers were accepted at this year’s CCS, the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. The conference will take place in Dallas, USA from Oct 30 – Nov 3, 2017.

The accepted papers in in detail:

Duc Cuong Nguyen, Dominik Wermke, Yasemin Acar, Michael Backes, Charles Weir, Sascha Fahl. A Stitch in Time: Supporting Android Developers in Writing Secure Code
Erik Derr, Sven Bugiel, Sascha Fahl, Yasemin Acar, Michael Backes. Keep me updated: An Empirical Study of Third-Party Library Updatability on Android
Giancarlo Pellegrino, Martin Johns, Simon Koch, Michael Backes, Christian Rossow. Deemon: Detecting CSRF with Dynamic Analysis and Property Graphs
Jie Huang, Oliver Schranz, Sven Bugiel, Michael Backes. The ART of App Compartmentalization: Compiler-based Library Privilege Separation on Stock Android
Michael Backes, Mathias Humbert, Jun Pang, Yang Zhang. walk2friends: Inferring Social Links from Mobility Profiles
Bernd Finkbeiner, Christian Müller, Helmut Seidl, Eugen Zalinescu. Verifying Security Policies in Multi-agent Workflows with Loops